Park has seven full-service Final Cut Pro non-linear editing suites for all HD formats equipped with comfortable producer/client workspaces and/or lounge areas. From editing to output, Park uses the latest in precision editing tools, complete customization features, advanced image processing and intuitive media management. All suites share a common file system and operate off of a centralized SAN storage system allowing full, real-time collaboration with as many suites as needed. Client monitoring is color calibrated to match each room including ambient light differences.



Color Grading

Park's editing suites are outfitted with the latest professional color grading capabilities. With the emergence of high-end digital video formats, such as the RED Epic or Arri Alexa, advanced in-house grading capabilities have become imperative. Each suite has full primary and secondary color grading capabilities. And for final master grade output the full service real-time DaVinci Resolve color suite is available, the industry standard in color grading.  



2D Graphics

Park's visual effects artists and motion graphic designers work closely with clients every day to achieve their collective and creative vision. All seven suites are equipped with After Effects as well as a wide range of plug-ins such as Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode Particular to allow for the greatest flexibility possible for graphics and digital compositing.


3D Animation

Three of the post suites use the latest Cinema 4D software to create advanced 3D animation and special effects elements. All animation sequences are queued and processed through an 80 core linux render farm creating both speed and efficiency. With complex modeling, natural dynamics, particle generation, motion tracking and inverse kinematics, these packages offer high-end creative solutions for the most demanding projects.


Visual Effects

Seamless visual effects are created every day at Park. With our extensive green screen experience, on-set visual effects supervision and advanced compositing techniques, our solutions run the gamut from simple sky replacements and set extensions to complex green screens and talking animals.



Sound Design

Park's full-service audio division provides the opportunity for a turn-key post production solution. Collaboration with the editors and client occur long before the project comes to the audio suite for posting, fostering enhanced creativity and efficiency all under one roof.


Designed for 5.1 digital mixing, Park's two audio suites feature ProTools HD systems complete with ProControl 32 consoles and all major plug-ins, an immaculate recording path with Focusrite mic preamps, Apogee converters, Manley outboard EQ's, and Genelec 1037B 5.1 monitoring systems. Both rooms provide non-linear picture lock for instant sound synchronization. 


Original Composition

Park's engineers are not just sound designers, they offer complete custom music solutions. Our capabilities in music design and original composition reach across genres to truly set us apart. With comprehensive sound effects libraries, Foley and ADR replacement rooms, custom effects and sound design are easily achieved. A full complement of midi gear and vintage instruments are also available.


Recording Studio

Our sound and voiceover studio includes microphones from Neumann and AKG as well as video monitoring for ADR and Foley. ISDN digital audio recording is achieved via our Telos Zepher. On any one project, our studio may be utilized for narration, vocal talent, musicians and even local or regional bands.





Client Approval

Park's client approval system allows files to be instantly presented in an elegant website format. Although created on the fly, our presentations look and function as custom password-protected web sites.


Extreme Reach, DG FastChannel and Hula

Video distribution services continue to set the standard for video spot delivery in the broadcasting and cable industry. Having successfully delivered thousands of digital video spots, Park proves on a daily basis that advanced digital technology services are a winning combination for advertisers. Weather delays, shipping errors, and duplication problems all become non-issues when using the digital video delivery system.

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