For production, most agencies think they need to either go to Los Angeles or New York to find the best production companies, but that’s not true. Over the years Park has become known for our unparalleled production right here in Richmond, VA. Whether a small two-man crew or a fifty person crew, shooting locally or across the country, we have the team to bring your production together seamlessly. Park's production and post-production provide an unparalleled level of teamwork and collaboration, something many production houses can't claim.


Project planning, location scouting, and talent casting are all managed in-house by a team of producers and production coordinators. Scripting and storyboarding are also available. The planning and pre-production stage is critical to every job and Park's pre-pro teams launch into action the moment a project is awarded. Calls are made, detailed schedules are created and meetings are planned - all in an effort to ensure every job runs as smoothly as possible, every time.



Park's sister company, Juicy Films, represents a network of in-house, local, and national Directors and DPs. Custom reels are available upon request.



Park's production teams shot in over 150 locations from coast to coast last year. Location needs range from homes and hospitals to convenience stores and warehouses, to a plethora of outdoor locations including city streets, parks, beaches, forests, and even the Grand Canyon. Park's location managers are seasoned professionals in the field, and have numerous local, regional and national connections allowing for flexibility and feasibility for vitually any project need that may arise.  



Our 15,000 sq ft studio is perfect for shooting just about anything. From muti-room sets, to multiple vehicles, tabletop, talking heads to all aspects green screen. It also offers a full-service catering kitchen. As an added convenience, a full-service edit suite equipped with the Adobe Pro CC “Creative Cloud” Production Bundle is located on set to provide you and the director instant compositing and editing needs.  

Our studio is only ten minutes from our downtown post-production facility and is located in the hottest new neighborhood, Scott’s Addition, just steps away from great restaurants, coffee shops and craft beer tasting. So when you’re not shooting or just need a little break, take a walk around our hood or a ride on one of our Juicy bicycles to check it all out. 



Park owns and utilizes state-of-the-art camera equipment including the RED Dragon, Black Magic, and a full line of Sony cameras all under one roof. Each camera package includes a full spectrum of lenses, full video-assist monitoring, fluid-head support, and accessories. In addition to our cameras, we also own grip, lighting and sound equipment. (A complete list of gear and equipment available upon request.) 

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